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Our Policy

Part of our policy dictates diversity in the selection of guests and speakers. Expertise in the topic under review is what we primarily seek in our guests and speakers; but we also make sure that they represent a wide range of backgrounds by opening up our platform to opposing arguments.
We are also eagerly seeking strong feedback from our followers. Any comment that contains substance is considered valuable addition to our agenda and mission. It may hurt us sometimes, but we value and encourage criticisms no matter how strong and harsh it is.
We are committed to generating knowledge for all. Our content is free and will remain so. Whether DDP will eventually gain global fame or remain a humble initiative will not lead to any change in this position; no matter what, we will continue to provide high-quality content free of charge for all.
While we have very limited funding, we are extremely careful in accepting financial support. DDP is open to sponsorship agreements as long as they do not carry any implicit or explicit potential of interference in our works and policies.
We are independent. It means that we do not follow a certain ideological path, we are not in any way controlled by any agency or group, we develop our own agenda free of any external influence and we make our own decisions upon which we choose to act. What it does not mean is that we reject any form of cooperation. As long as it conforms to our priorities (production of high-quality knowledge being the primary one), policies and missions, we welcome any offer for possible cooperation.
We are impartial. It means that we do not take sides, and we do not necessarily support or object what our guests tell. What it does not mean is that we stay neutral in cases of grave breaches of universal values. We are not impartial, for instance, in face of hatred, violence, racism, xenophobia, discrimination and exploitation.
We are international. It means we extend our coverage to the conventional Euro-centric “international” encompassing what is notoriously called “civilized nations.” We are eager to hear voices from all over the globe, and committed to disseminating what they represent.